Brand DNA

Jimmy Choo PLC Confident



Fully self-actualized and relishing the success

Strength - Assertive and self-possessed, triumphant

Audacious - Unstoppable, always moving forward

Energy - With ability to follow personal ambitions

Goal oriented - Going somewhere

Determined - To lead a meaningful life on his or her own terms

Jimmy Choo PLC Effortlessly Glamorous

Effortlessly Glamorous

Effortlessly Glamorous

Glorious, Luminous, Charismatic

Striking - Making and entrance, ability to shine

Spectacular and alluring - A presence you cannot ignore, who changes the atmosphere of the room

Able to be the centre of the attention - Without trying too hard

Seductive sense of style - With a nonchalant luxury

Jimmy Choo PLC Cosmopolitan



A new luxury for the new world, multi-cultural and re-appropriated

21st Century - Fast, optimistic, mixing influences and values, classic with bohemian, traditions with technology

Embracing Cultural Eclectisism - With the confidence of a world traveller, inventing personal style

Cosmopolitan - Day to day, the world is a playground

Progressive and Energetic - With a fearless nomadic and creative spirit

Jimmy Choo PLC Instinctively Seductive

Instinctively Seductive

Instinctively Seductive

The right side of sexy, with an instinctive feral nature

Sexual power - As a symbol of confidence

Always elegant - Never vulgar or trying too hard

Impulsive - In touch with instictive animal nature

Provocative - As a way to toy with rules

Jimmy Choo PLC Daring



Provocative risk taker who understands the rules but is unafraid to challenge

Provocative - not desperate, nor attention-seeking, but a sign of confidence to toy with the rules

A risk taker - Dares as a path to more interesting experiences and a rich world view

Audacious - Entrepreneurial, inventive and fearless

Inhabits the moment - Unafraid to provoke, but never goes too far

Jimmy Choo PLC Playful



Joyful, Extroverted and Daring

Sense of humour - Belies an ambitious nature

Ardent - Living all aspects of life to the fullest

Personal Enjoyment- Is a reward for fully living life

Clever and witty - Not clowning nor foolish