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Corporate social responsibility has always been integral to Jimmy Choo and is embedded in our company values. To reinforce this commitment, The Jimmy Choo Foundation, was established in 2011 to focus upon the empowerment of women and improving their quality of life through education and enterprise.  

There is a growing recognition that the economic, moral and social progress is achieved by giving women the means to contribute to and be included in the global economy. According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP) there is clear evidence that bringing women into the economy helps to raise economic productivity, reduce infant mortality, contribute to improved health and increases the chances of education for the next generation.  Simply put, progress is achieved through women.

According to Jimmy Choo Creative Director, Sandra Choi, “Women have always been at the core of the Jimmy Choo brand, and as a company, we feel passionately about creating a world where women can develop the confidence and optimism to dream and achieve.”

The Jimmy Choo Foundation addresses the most common barriers faced by women in developing economies. In order to maximise our efforts and impact, The Jimmy Choo Foundation has partnered with the global organisation CARE International (“CARE”), in particular their Lendwithcare initiative. Founded in 1945, CARE is one of the largest and most established humanitarian aid organisations focused on fighting global poverty. Launched in 2010 and operating in more than 11 countries, Lendwithcare is CARE’s ground breaking programme which supports some of the world’s poorest women, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty with pride and dignity. Lendwithcare provides female entrepreneurs with access to credit, education and financial tools, encouraging them along the way to develop the confidence that comes with building a successful enterprise.

Since 2010 Lendwithcare has benefitted 20,000 women in developing countries though the provision of loans and business training. The impact of Lendwithcare’s investment is multiplied by these women as the benefits are extended to the world around them, creating better lives for their families and building stronger communities. The Jimmy Choo Foundation, in partnership with Lendwithcare, has set a goal of supporting more than 8,000 people in developing countries by 2019.

Funding for The Jimmy Choo Foundation comes from corporate donations and fundraising initiatives coordinated by employees of Jimmy Choo.


Whilst Lendwithcare is the primary beneficiary of The Jimmy Choo Foundation, the Jimmy Choo Company still actively pursues and supports local charities.






Jimmy Choo is committed to improving working conditions for workers both under its direct operations and across its value chain. The majority of Jimmy Choo’s products are made in Europe, and in particular Italy, where factories and tanneries are subject to mandatory legislative requirements. Jimmy Choo already expects its suppliers and sub-suppliers to include clauses combatting child labour in their contracts.

In the unlikely event that Jimmy Choo identifies working conditions which do not meet its minimum standards, the Group will work closely with suppliers to improve their performance. Over the next 12 months, Jimmy Choo expects to formalise its policy on human rights and working conditions and will continue to increase the amount of supplier engagement activities.