At a Glance




Since its foundation, Jimmy Choo has offered a distinctive, glamourous and fashion-forward product range, enabling it to develop into a leading global luxury brand. Jimmy Choo products are unique, instinctively seductive and chic while also being wearable and of the finest quality.

Jimmy Choo’s core product is luxury shoes, complemented by accessories. In addition, the product range includes sunglasses, eyewear, fragrance and soft accessories, which are produced under licensing agreements. In managing the balance between current fashions and timeless styles, Jimmy Choo centres its product strategy around iconic products, which are often more classic or timeless in nature and are targeted to appeal to a broader audience, and innovative products, which are intended to set and lead fashion trends.


The product calendar is managed in order to create a structured flow of new products in order to drive editorial focus, footfall and conversion into sales. The calendar is based around eight collection drops each year, with the continuative core Choo 24:7 collection complementing the seasonal offerings.

This product cycle has a number of advantages as opposed to focusing only on main collections as it drives higher sell-through, improves productivity by having a longer shelf life and fewer markdowns, increases margins, creates space for innovations and mitigates fashion risk and volatility.

The iconic Choo 24:7 collection, which forms the Jimmy Choo woman’s perfect wardrobe of shoes, underpins our business. The balance between our continuative icons and seasonal collections is one of the key elements of our merchandising strategy. We introduce new colours and fabrics in our iconic shoe styles in line with the seasonal collections, which maintains the cohesion of our seasonal look and feel and introduces newness into the continuative collection. In addition to the main collection, CHOO.08° reflects the more daring side of the Jimmy Choo woman. The emphasis is on a 'London cool' image and a prevalence of biker and rock elements which give CHOO.08° a distinct feel while maintaining and building on the brand DNA.


As its core offering, Jimmy Choo offers an extensive range of luxury shoes covering occasions from casual daytime wear to elegant evening wear and special occasions. All collections typically cover the full range of women’s shoes including fashion, evening, cocktail, day and weekend. Jimmy Choo has also successfully expanded into sub-categories including espadrilles and trainers.


In order to enhance the luxury positioning of the brand and create a more bespoke offering for our clients, we launched Made to Order shoes during 2014. Clients can have a pair of shoes made, choosing from a range of designs and heel heights, fabric colours or materials and personalise them with their initials on the sole. Made to Order is now available across the retail website and is widely appreciated by our clients, with continuing growth in 2016.


Since the first standalone handbag collection in 2003, bags have become an integral part of the product offering.

Jimmy Choo’s design and merchandising philosophy in handbags is to have several core iconic evening handbag lines which are refreshed each season in new material and applications. These core lines are complemented by a range of day and seasonal bags, which are also refreshed each season in new materials and colours.

Jimmy Choo subsequently introduced small leather goods in 2006, which now includes purses, wallets and cardholders. Small leather goods are a fundamentally important part of Jimmy Choo’s product offering and have acted as a key platform for expansion into Japan and Asia.


Jimmy Choo first introduced men’s shoes in 2011 and it continues to be a fast growing segment of the business, accounting for 9% of revenue in 2016. The Jimmy Choo brand has natural authority in men’s evening shoes, where our approach is to add a twist to classic shapes, and has also seen strong growth in luxury trainers.


Jimmy Choo’s sunglasses and other eyewear product ranges were launched in 2008 and are produced under a licensing agreement with Safilo S.p.A.. Jimmy Choo introduced a fragrance line in 2011, under a licensing agreement with Interparfums SA. Jimmy Choo also offers soft accessories.